Nordic ancestral tradition

Before anything else, with deep love for people, my role on this wonderful earth is to guide the Other on the road of his life.

I belong to the long genealogic family of Sejdkvinnor, women that have this connection, and at the age of 6 I was called by the spirits. These women were healers, wisdom and ancient knowledge keepers and they knew how to communicate with nature around us.

A lot of their knowledge dissapeared, but they were recalled thanks to the connection with the universe, with Mother Earth and with all these men and women that share their tradition and wisdom.

I am poracticing a shamanism that was born on my family line, intensified with personal and long effort, but also through all these interactions that I already had and I am still having on my road. Special thanks to lui Jonathan Horwitz, Annettei Høst, lui Mikkal.

I come forward to you with rituals, ceremonies, individual sessions that are sustaining the Other in searching its way, its own energies, own potential and to transform the weak points, traumas and destabilizing reprezentations in its own potential in order to walk on this earth in harmony

I am offering my spiritual supoort from 1991. All sesions and workshops are delivered in a lucid state of consciusness, by respecting the applying laws.