Vernon Foster

Vernon Foster

Vernon Foster

Native American tradition

I am an indian from Klamath/Modoc nation.

From young I was raised with Lakota and Ojibway teachings, so that my today work is influenced by these two traditions and cultures.  As teenage I was exposed  to the spiritual path and I kept these values until now and they gave me balance.

I followed the course of University of Minnesota/ St. Paul,where I studied psichology and political studies, and also I became student in teology. A long time I was working for social and mental health services, using the native american teachings in order to sustain the activity of the social services.

I founded and developed non-profit organizations in many communities and I was active member or president in councils for communitary programs. As native american activist, I was in the first line, fighting for defending the rights of native americans nations, but also for their environmental of ecologic issues.

My teachings were influenced not only by the intelectual and scolastic activities, but more by the elders, by the healer men and women of different nativ american nations.

My workshops are focusing on bringin back people to their power, in order to understand and acknowledge their own abilities and their own spirit. At a personal level I can say that I will not support any workshop I I will not feel that can have a healing effect. My teaching are from various nations, not from only specific one.

As sundancer for more than 25 years, I dedicated my life to Chanumpa and the Red Road.

After more than 20 years of being more discreet about my work, road opened for me in order to organize courses and healing sessions in US, Brasil, Japan, Europe.